Photos by David Matthew

I'm a happily retired man who, until recently, wandered around with an ageing Sony a350 DSLR, but now does it with a lighter and more modern mirrorless Sony RX10 IV. A few of the pictures were taken many years ago with older cameras of far poorer quality.

Lockdown Pictures 2020-21
Some of the pictures I posted to brighten up people's lives during the height of the covid pandemic.
I love these marvellous creatures with whom we humans share the planet. Dogs, in particular, are very special.
The county where I was born and brought up, so more than a bit special to me. There's a huge variety to its charms.
The patterns and textures in everyday life are a wonder to those with eyes that linger on them.
Isle of Bute
I have only visited the Isle of Bute once, in 2013, but was struck by its rugged beauty.
Unlimited in their hue and variety, flowers are, to me, one of God's very best ideas.
Isles of Scilly
Just 28 miles off the coast of Cornwall, these islands are a glorious subtropical paradise.
The faces, the experience revealed in the eyes, the infinite variety of expression—there's nothing as wonderful as people!
Birds are, to me, a perennial source of wonder. I love their beauty, their variety—and their freedom to soar.
Some scenes defy easy categorisation, so this is my miscellaneous collection.
Some man-made structures are truly wonderful, testaments to human creativity and industry.
Boats to me are something to look at and admire; I'm not so keen on getting into them! 'Messing about in boats'? I'll leave that to you.
Some sunsets and other scenes with unusual light and colour.
The county at the extreme south-west tip of England. Its beauty makes it a magnet for tourists from all over the world.
Sometimes, a bit of tweaking in Photoshop, Topaz, Nik or Luminar can turn an ordinary scene into something a bit special.
Down the centuries, humans have shown themselves capable of creating the most exquisite beauty.
Black & White
With no colour to distract the eye, black and white photos draw our attention to shape, light and texture.
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